January 5th, 2012 by Admin

DebRA Arctic Circle Race


Crawford Healthcare is proud to annouce that two members of our team, Duncan Griggs and Marcus Judd are raising money for DebRA patients with EB by participating in the Arctic Circle Race in Greenland this year.

DebRA helps families affected by EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa), a genetic condition which causes the skin to blister and shear at the slightest friction. DebRA provides a team of nurses and social care staff to work with families affected by EB and commissions world-leading research into the condition. www.debra.org.uk

The Arctic Circle Race is said to be the toughest cross country ski race and is one of the 10 hardest endurance challenges in the world. The ACR takes place in Greenland in March and is a 100 mile course over three days. We will be camping out overnight and temperatures regularly drop to -30C in the day.