February 1st, 2012 by Admin

SunSense announces pharmacy drive for 2012


Crawford Healthcare, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of skin care and wound care products, has announced a partnership with Blue Ocean Sales, Marketing & Distribution to drive pharmacy distribution of the No 1 Australian sun protection brand SunSense.

SunSense is growing YOY and outperforming the sun care category at a total market and pharmacy level, reinforcing the market trend that consumers are ditching sun creams with low SPF in favour of SPF’s of 30, 50 and 50+.

SunSense products are all SPF 50 or higher, and has some enviable credentials; not only is it the No 1 brand in Australia, but within the UK it is the No 1 sunscreen used and recommended by 94% of UK dermatologists and the No 1 sunscreen prescribed by UK doctors.

Karen Kennedy, Marketing Manager for Crawford Healthcare the UK distributor for SunSense said, “We are now at the stage where we are looking to drive distribution within pharmacy to really capitalise on the endorsement driven by HCP’s in the primary and secondary care arena. Pharmacists can offer patients quality advice on sun care and make safe sun advice part of their expertise in skin care consultations and travel health advice. SunSense is the perfect pharmacy offering, providing high SPF protection from hidden UV damage.”

SunSense products provide a range of high SPF protection of 50 or 50+ and great sun care protection for everybody to:
–      Help reduce the risk of skin cancer
–      Help prevent premature ageing, skin pigmentation & wrinkles
–      Provide protection for people with allergies & photosensitivity
–      Care for the delicate skin of children

SunSense Ultra is available on FP10 for high risk patients; a broader range of products will be made available through Blue Ocean to include a Toddler, Sensitive Skin and Daily Face offering.

Blue Ocean will also be delivering pharmacy training on safe sun practice and the SunSense brand, merchandising product and siting POS. They will also be driving QV on behalf of Crawford, a range of soap free emollients for dry or sensitive skin.

For all further enquiries, please contact Blue Ocean Sales Marketing & Distribution on 02392 290 706 or email sales@blueoceansalesbrokers.com