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KerraPed Plus (Single Shoe)

KerraPed Plus (Single Shoe)

New KerraPed PLUS

For years, the Kerraped all-purpose boot has offered patients a life-changing solution. And now, it’s been redeveloped in line with your feedback.

With an improved ergonomic design, adjustable strap and stronger construction, Kerraped PLUS is our most advanced footwear product yet.
  • Improved durability - Kerraped PLUS has a thicker sole that is stitched together, rather than using adhesive. Its stronger construction makes it much more durable.
  • Better flexibility - Kerraped PLUS has a separate removable strap to accommodate very bulky bandages. You can thread the strap both ways, helping to distinguish between left and right.
  • Improved comfort - The specially designed rocker sole on aids your gait, reduces pressure on heel strike and improves toe-off, keeping the foot perfectly aligned and secure whilst walking.
  • Greater security - The height of the boot’s upper has also been increased, to wrap around the ankle for additional security when walking.

KerraPed Plus comes as a single shoe which can be worn on either foot.

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