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KerraPro Sheet

KerraPro Sheet

KerraPro™ Sheet

A range of pressure reducing pads made from hard-wearing, flexible silicone, designed to help protect the skin as part of a pressure ulcer prevention programme.

  • Redistributes pressure to protect skin on bony prominences 
  • Available in a range of shapes and sizes
  • Comfortable yet hard-wearing
  • Can withstand autoclave temperatures of 121°C without losing its properties
  • Odourless
  • Can be washed with soap and water
  • Being re-used on same patient reduces the cost of prevention
  • 10x10cm Sheet – 0.3 or 1.2cm thick

KerraPro Sheets can be used flat or folded, and easily cut to the required shape and size for a variety of applications: cushion the head and shoulder blades; reduce pressure between knees and ankles; and protect wrists and hands.

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