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Chemotechnique Diagnostics offer the widest range of commercially available haptens for patch testing now expanded to cover more than 550 different preparations.  In co-operation with various national Contact Dermatitis Research Groups a number of specific Baseline Series are available in addition to Chemotechnique's recommended series.

Patch testing, being the classical method for the diagnosis of contact allergies, is an important tool when investigating contact dermatitis.  This test becomes more reliable when using high quality standardised test substances.  Chemotechnique haptens are homogenous, contamination free and made with the highest, purest quality of raw material.   

Haptens are supplied either individually or as part of a Complete Series.  For recommended series and/or individual haptens available, please see our Order Forms (see Downloads on Chemotechnique page).


  • Made with the highest, purest quality of raw material    
  • Homogeneous, contamination free haptens.
  • Over 550 preparations available
  • Haptens supplied in syringes contain 5ml
  • Haptens supplied in dropper bottles contain 8ml
  • Upto 150 tests per hapten



  • Recommended Baseline Series from National Contact Dermatitis Research Groups
  • Over 30 series available
  • Series supplied in a cardboard box making storage in the fridge easier
  • Haptens stored on trays in series order