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KerraFibre - Super-Absorbent Clear Gelling Fibrous Dressing

KerraFibre - Super-Absorbent Clear Gelling Fibrous Dressing

KerraFibre is designed to make patient care better and easier. Being super-absorbent, it absorbs and wicks away moisture through a naturally derived wound contact layer with no need for a secondary dressing. KerraFibre is suitable for moderate to highly exuding wounds including superficial and partial thickness burns, surgical sites, various ulcers and cavity wounds.

Integrated into one structure, each of its three layers performs a different role – but when combined with the innovative hexagonal structure, the result is a dressing that absorbs exudate and locks it away, regulating fluid levels to maintain the ideal moist wound environment. Unlike other dressings, KerraFibre has zero shrinkage in use – so you can be sure of effective wound coverage too.