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KerraFoam® Gentle Border


While traditional foam dressings provide comfort and convenience, KerraFoam™ Gentle Border wound dressing goes one step further – with a smart absorbent core to manage exudate far better than leading competitors.  Helping to aid the healing process by reducing maceration and locking away bacteria and MMPs from the wound.

KerraFoam Gentle Border is suitable for moderately exuding chronic wounds, and is secured with a gentle silicone wound contact layer.  Ensuring less pain at dressing changes for the patient.  It will also absorb exudate under compression. 

Recent studies have shown that KerraFoam Gentle Border outperforms other foam dressings, managing fluid so much better than its competitors. Here are the key findings.

KerraFoam Gentle Border is able to retain more than twice the amount of fluid of the three leading foam brands, instantly locking harmful excess exudate away to prevent maceration and wound edge breakdown, whilst also reducing dressing change frequency.

With a higher absorption and retention capacity, KerraFoam Gentle Border means fewer dressing changes and fewer disturbances to the wounds, making it extremely cost-effective. Being secured to the wound through the soft silicone adhesive contact layer, with no need for a secondary dressing, reduces costs even further.

For further clinical evidence and poster presentations please click on the downloads tab below.

SMTL reports – data on file.
An investigation into the ability of KerraFoam to bind bacteria. Cooper R. Cardiff Metropolitan University – Sept 2013.
Evaluation of matrix metalloproteinases by wound care products. Cochrane C A. Liverpool University – July 2011.
A fluid retention assessment of KerraFoam Gentle Border and competitor products. Stephenson C. et al. Wounds UK Poster Presentation 2014.
Allevyn® Gentle Border is a registered trade mark of Smith & Nephew. Mepilex® Border is a registered trade mark of Mölnlycke Health Care.  AQUACEL® Foam is a registered trademark of ConvaTec.

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