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Foam dressing with silicone adhesive for moderately exuding acute wounds 

Wounds that heal at a predictable and expected period of time, also known as acute wounds, produce exudate that needs simple and effective management.

KerraFoam Simple Border has been designed to absorb excess exudate from the wound bed, while protecting surrounding skin to aid the healing of acute wounds.

The outer polyurethane film layer protects the wound from external bacteria whilst the hydrophilic polyurethane foam layer absorbs and retains exudate from the wound bed to aid healing. The gentle silicone wound contact layer secures the drressing in place to ensure less pain at dressing changes for the patient. 

KerraFoam Simple Border is also available in a non-border version: KerraFoam Simple.

The KerraFoam Simple range adheres to the surrounding skin but not to the wound.