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KerraLite Cool




Soothing, debriding and moisture-balancing dressings.  The non-adhesive dressings are constructed of a fluid-repellent, flexible and highly breathable polyurethane film layer with a Pro-ionic gel contact layer. 

  • Dressings can be cut to size to fit most wounds
  • Suitable for many wound types
  • Help to improve healing of low exuding wounds
  • Cleans the wound, debriding necrotic tissue
  • Increases granulation tissue of chronic wounds
  • Limits the growth of bacteria
  • Soothing and cooling effect minimise patient discomfort, especially at dressing changes
  • Helps prevent maceration of the peri-wound area
  • Protects against wound dehydration

Pro-ionic® copolymer matrix dressing

Its biomimetic copolymer system has been designed specifically to enhance the interactions of the dressing with chronic wound fluid and its components. The absorbency of ionic polymers means the dressing is better able to absorb excess fluid. This results in longer wear-times and a reduced risk of maceration if exudate levels rise unexpectedly¹

¹ Peplow PV. “Glycosaminoglycan: a candidate to stimulate the repair of chronic wounds.” Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 2005; 94: 4–16.