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KerraMax Care
KerraMax Care
KerraMax Care
KerraMax Care
KerraMax Care

KerraMax Care® 

Super-absorbent dressing for improving patient care.

There’s so much more to caring for someone than just physically changing dressings. The emotional aspects are equally as important, from maintaining your patient’s dignity to helping them cope with restricted movement.

We believe everything we do should improve the overall care you can offer them – so KerraMax Care® has been developed to minimise both discomfort and the number of dressing changes for the patient.

KerraMax Care’s unique consistent wicking action absorbs potentially unhealthy exudate and locks it inside the dressing, so it doesn’t leak or drip. The extra absorption capacity reduces dressing changes with less wound disturbance and improves patient comfort, as the dressing stays dry to the touch preventing maceration and surrounding skin problems. KerraMax Care is suitable for use under all forms of compression.

The No.1 super-absorbent* is now available in 3 NEW sizes. There’s a large 20x50cm dressing; a small 5x5cm dressing; and a Multisite 21x23cm dressing for awkward to dress areas such as hips, heels and sacrum. And now, ‘KerraMax Care™ is available in bigger pack quantities, available exclusively via NHS Supply Chain.

*IMS September 2015. KerraMax & KerraMax Care are trade marks of Crawford Woundcare Ltd. © Copyright Crawford Healthcare Ltd, 2015.

For additional information please visit www.www.kerramaxcare.co.uk

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