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KerraMax Care® Border

KerraMax Care Border super-absorbent heavy exudate dressings use improved technology to absorb fluid from the wound, minimising patient discomfort and dressing changes while helping to increase efficiency and reduceoverall treatment cost.  Our NEW Border range has an advanced adhesive border to secure the dressing in position without the need for a retention bandage.   

  • ​Highly absorbent for fewer dressing changes
  • Unique horizontal wicking layer increases capacity by distributing exudate
  • Retains exudate to help prevent maceration
  • Flexible, skin friendly outer foam layer
  • Works under pressure with all forms of compression
  • Maintains integrity, even when fully soaked in exudate
  • Cost-effective
  • Locks away exudate so that outer layers remain dry

Locking in exudate
KerraMax Care Range locks potentially unhealthy exudate, including MMPs, inside the dressing so it doesn’t leak or drip, and is dry to the touch. That improves patient comfort and helps prevent maceration and surrounding skin problems.

Product Code
  • Size (cm)


    PIP Code

    NHS Cat

    16x16 5 379-1977 EME078
    16x26 5 379-2124 EME079
    26x26 5 379-2132 EME080