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Kerraped® Plantar Ulcer

A step forward in foot ulcer care
An estimated 2.7 million people in the UK live with diabetes, and around 12–25%¹ of them suffer foot ulcers as a result – which, if left untreated, can lead to amputation.
To help improve the care of these patients, we’ve developed Kerraped® Plantar Ulcer, a shoe system designed to mechanically offload pressure from the ulcer and peri-ulcer area. It uses a unique insole that can be easily adapted to individual requirements, providing a tailored solution without the prohibitive cost of traditional bespoke footwear. It has been shown to reduce the pressure on at-risk areas by up to 75%.

¹ Cavanagh PR. et al., Treatment for diabetic foot ulcers, Lancet. 366: 1725-35, 2005.
Kerraped® Plantar Ulcer is a registered trade mark of Crawford Woundcare Ltd.  © Copyright Crawford Healthcare Ltd, 2013.

System Components
System Functions
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  • The Kerraped Plantar Ulcer system has been designed for general and specific off-loading on the plantar aspect of the foot, and comprises two main elements.

    Therapeutic Shoe

    • Breathable upper with a black EVA insole
    • Abrasion-resistant outer sole
    • Modified Velcro® strap allows dual securing, left- or right-handed


    • Uniquely designed 18mm thick insole
    • A combination of Poron®, Plastazote® and multifoam
    • Easily removable pegs to allow selective off-loading
    • Adhesive stabiliser board

    It can be cleaned with warm soapy water, but do not machine wash or tumble dry.

    Poron® is a registered trade mark of the Rogers Corporation.  Plastazote® is a registered trade mark of the Zotefoams plc.











    Insole cross-section

    1. 3mm Poron® cover
    2. Plastazote®
    3. EVA plantar pegs
    4. Adhesive stabiliser board
    1. Map the off-loading site on the foot and make an imprint on the blue side of the insole.
    2. Remove the pegs beneath the marking by twisting and pulling slowly; then attach the adhesive stabiliser board to the peg side.
    3. Insert the insole, blue side up, into the shoe. Use the Velcro straps to secure onto the patient’s foot.
    4. By removing the pegs, the wound areas can be off-loaded while the rest of the foot is supported.
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    Prescription Order form for HCPs

    Kerraped PU Order Form P4P

    Evaluation of the offloading effect of Kerraped Plantar Ulcer versus post-operative sandal with and without Poron insole.




  • If you need any specific product information, or just want to find out more about how Kerraped Plantar Ulcer could help you, simply contact us on 01565 654920 or email info@crawfordpharma.com.