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  • Keeps dressings dry
  • Breathable upper with a black EVA insole
  • Velcro straps allow for adjustability for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Reduces plantar pressure by up to 30%1 and does not need to be customised to achieve results
  • Will off-load pressure whilst allowing you to walk normally
  • Can be wiped clean – do not machine wash or tumble dry
  • Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate bulky dressings and bandages (refer to size guide)
  • Will accommodate foot swelling
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Will help to reduce the chance of patient falls

A recent audit of Primary Care Trusts in the UK2 demonstrated that the absence of properly designed medical footwear in the community results in 66% of patients wearing footwear which is inappropriate for their condition.  This results in a significantly higher rate of foot ulcer recurrence, particularly in the diabetic community, as well as a significant increase in the number of falls. 

Kerraped comes as a single shoe which can be worn on either foot. 

1) Gliacalone, V F et al. A quantitative assessment of healing sandals and postoperative shoes in offloading the neuropathic diabetic foot.J of Foot & Ankle Surgery; 36 (1):28-30,1997.
2) King B et al “An Audit of Footwear for Patients with Leg Bandages” Nurs Times; 103(9): 40,42-3

Prescribing Info
Sizing Info
  • Kerraped is available on prescription:

    Should you require more specific product information or advice, call your Local Sales Representative or contact us here on 01565 654920 or email info@crawfordpharma.com

  • How and where to measure:

    1. Measure the widest part of the foot from A to B to calculate foot width
    2. Measure from A to B to calculate the dressing circumference at the widest part of the foot.


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