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KerraPro™ Pressure Reducing Pads

Protection through prevention
A pressure ulcer can occur at the point where the skin is in constant contact with a surface (such as a patients bed or chair), or with another part of the body (where the knees or ankles rest together). The high pressure that builds up can disrupt the flow of blood and oxygen, causing the skin to breakdown.

KerraPro effectively redistributes this pressure, dissipating it over the pad to protect the skin from pressure ulcers. It’s produced from silicone, and is available in a range of shapes and thicknesses for a variety of applications.

KerraPro should only ever be used on intact or recently healed skin to protect it from pressure ulcers. It can also be washed with soap and water, then dried and reused on the same patient as often as required, making it particularly cost-effective.

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